Chocolate Bar Recipe

Preheat the oven to three hundred and fifty degrees. Grease the pan and add flour to it. Take a saucepan and add half cup of butter and one ounce of chocolate to it. Heat it. Stop heating. More »

Nutrition Facts In Banana

The food item that contains high levels of potassium will help us to be away from the stroke and the hypertension. Since the bananas contains very less amount of sodium, and high amount More »

Chocolate Chip Recipes

Heat the oven to four hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Sugar, butter, vanilla, salt and baking soda should be beaten with a mixer on the medium till it becomes creamy. Add eggs to the mixture More »

Recipe for making Pancakes

Pancakes are quick and easy to cook and make for a scrumptious yet non time consuming breakfast which is what is the order of the day. Pancakes are generally served with honey or maple More »

Wedding Cake Recipe

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Light Chocolate Pudding


Who doesn’t like to indulge in the chocolate world, whether it is the summer season or the winter, there is no time when chocolate is out of fashion though it can be a bit on summers, as it is a bit heavy on the tummy. A simple and straight chocolate pudding made of just the things one might have in breakfast, can make your morning feel blessed sinfully with chocolate, without being heavy.

Ingredients – Light chocolate Pudding

Bread ( Wheat / Rye/ Multi Grain) – 4 Slices

Eggs – 2

Milk  (Toned/ Double Toned/ Full Fat) – 180 ml or 1 Glass

Chocolate Powder (Bournvita/ Complan/Boost) – 3 heaped Table spoon

Cocoa Powder – 1 Tablespoon

Sugar – 3 Tablespoon or as preferred

Vanilla Essence – Few Drops (10-15)
Whisk’em Up

As promised, there is nothing in the pudding you won’t have or a fulfilling breakfast. Take  a round bottomed bowl add milk and sugar, and heat up the milk for about 2 to 3 minutes. Crush the bread slices into crumbs or small pieces meanwhile. After the milk is a bit warm, get it off the stove and add the breadcrumbs into milk. Give it a good whisk so that the bread and the sugar is almost mixed in the milk. After that take a small bowl, whisk the egg to a smooth runny consistency, add vanilla essence to it and slowly add the mix to the milk and bread. Keep whisking it for a good 2 minutes. Add cocoa powder, Chocolate drink powder and mix.

Cooking the Pudding

Microwave oven –

Preheat the microwave safe bowl at 180c for 10 minutes, after that, pour the mixture, and set the microwave for 60% power for up to 7 minutes.

For Stove -

Take a flat bottomed pressure cooker, add water and let it warm for up to 2 minutes. In a steel Tiffin box of round shape, pour the mix and let it sit on the warm water on the pressure cooker base, cover the lid and let it sit there for 3 whistles on high flame (10 minutes minimum).


Make sure that when you check the pudding for preparedness, it should be wobbly. Let it first rest for five minutes, keep it in the refrigerator for 1 hour and cut through the light chocolate deliciousness each time you dunk into the chocolate pudding.

 Recipe by Saouma Ghosal

Nutrition Facts In Banana


Bananas came into existence in Malaysia and because of its popularity and health benefits; it has been travelled towards India. These bananas are mainly grown in the southern areas of china and gained its popularity in 20th century.  At first the bananas were wrapped in the tin foil and were sold for around 10 cents. Later after declaring the independence, the instructions related to the process of eating banana has been appeared in Domestic Cyclopedia. Since we have come to know the details of how the banana has come into existence, let us see few details of the nutritional facts of this food product banana.

Banana fruit is the natural fruit that gives you with the instant energy and it will be folded in the safety envelope. They are available to you at cheaper cost and you can find them at all places. If we see this banana fruit botanically then it is termed as Musaceae and it is harvested mainly in the tropical zones as well as sub tropical zones. The scientific name given to banana is Musa Acuminata Colla. The plant of banana contains the clusters of these banana fruits hanging. Normally they will be arranged in the form of tiers and there will be around 6 to 29 fruits per tier. You can find bananas in different sizes and they will be yellow to brown colour bananas. Moreover the main attraction of banana is its outer skin that protects the white colour flesh that is available inside.

Egg Nutrition


Eggs are the natural products that contain high levels of minerals and vitamins. It has been observed that a single egg contains around 70 calories. The nutrients that are available in the egg play a prominent role in the weight management, brain function, muscle strength, and many more benefits. Eggs contain delicious taste and are mainly included in the breakfast. It is rich in proteins and it is of high quality and this protein will help us to be healthy.

A perfect addition for any diet—Egg

The nutrients that are available in this egg help us to maintain good health. Let us see the details in depth.

  • It helps in the weight management. The protein that is available in the egg will help to be energetic and it helps to maintain the healthy weight.
  • It helps to build the muscle strength and even prevents the muscle loss. The protein that is present in this egg will help in maintaining proper muscle strength.
  • The egg yolk that is available in this egg contains the nutrients that help in the development of brain and prevents us from the birth defects. It has been proved that 2 eggs contain 250mg of essential nutrient called choline.
  • The choline that is available in the egg will ensure that the brain functions properly and maintains the cell membranes of the brain.
  • The egg yolk contains antioxidants called Zeaxanthin and lutein. These antioxidants will help to prevent the macular degeneration. This macular degeneration is the main cause for the blindness that is caused due to the age.

Apple nutrition facts

Apple nutrition facts

We all know about the famous saying: An apple per day will keep you away from doctor”. Everyone know that this is a true saying, if we take daily one apple then definitely we will be away from the health problems.  The taste of the apple will be delicious and will be easy to carry. It contains fewer amounts of calories and even it is not expensive. It will be available to everyone irrespective of their status. Apples are the main source for the fiber and it can be either the soluble or the insoluble fiber. The pectin is the soluble fiber which helps in increase of cholesterol in the blood vessels. This will help us to be away from the heart disease and the atherosclerosis. The insoluble finer of the apples will store water in the intestinal tract and will help in cleaning and moving food into the digestive system.

It will be good to consume the apple along with the skin. You will find the major portion of the vitamin below the skin. By consuming the skin of the apple, you will gain the insoluble fiber into your body.  The flavor and the aroma of the apples will tend to develop as the apples tend to be more ripened.  You will find several varieties of apples in the market. Most of them will be red in color and will crispy and crunchy while chewing. You will find several apples that suits to your taste so you can choose the required one and can maintain good health by having at least an apple per day. Almost all the individuals who are conscious about their health will definitely consume an apple per day. It contains essential nutrients that will help us to maintain optimum health. It even provides the antioxidants that will help us to fight against the diseases and promotes good health.

Apples belong to the rosaceae family and the scientific name of an apple is Malus domestica. The apple trees have been originated in the mountain areas and now it has spread its existence in the entire world. Apple will be oval shaped fruit and the skin of the apples will be in different colors. Depending upon the type of cultivation the color of the skin will vary.

Spinach Nutrition

Spinach nutrition

Spinach is considered as the power food that is packed with the several essential nutrients. However this is the food that most people along with the children will deny to eat. So we have to make it interesting so that children will love to eat spinach.  You can include this slimy vegetable in many regular dishes. By eating the spinach in form or another you will gain the essential nutrients that are required daily. The list of nutrients that are available in this spinach include calcium, folate, iron and Vitamin A. you can find the in depth details of the nutritional facts of spinach in the following article…..

Spinach comes under the Chenopodiaceae family and it is leafy vegetable that comes in green color. It is a store of the essential nutrients and it contains the distinct flavor. Whenever you go for the spinach shopping, you will have two main varieties of spinach in front of you. One is the smooth leaf and other is curly spinach. Smooth leaf spinach would be the best choice if you are cooking the raw dishes since it contains very mild flavor. You can even find the other variety of spinach called as the semi-Savoy. This contains less curls and it is very easy clean this type of spinach. Apart from the spinach, other dark green leaves are turnip, bok Choy, kale, collards also contains the essential nutrient like calcium, iron, vitamin K and the folic acid

Spinach is the leafy vegetable that contains high levels of the fiber, carotenoids and the vitamin C. Apart from this it contains the nutrients like bioflavonoid and lutein. The combination of these nutrients in the same vegetable makes it powerful among all the vegetables.

Spinach has been originated in central and in the south-western Asia.  This will grow up to 30cm in height and will survive in the temperate regions. The leaves of the spinach will vary in size and they will be 2cm to 3cm long and 1cm to 15cm broad.

Secret Recipe

McDonald’s Big Mac

McDonald’s Big Mac

Ingredients needed

  • ¼ cup of Miracle whip.
  • ¼ cup of mayonnaise.
  • 2 spoons of French salad dressing.
  • A half spoon dill pickle relish.
  • A spoon of sugar.
  • A spoon of minced onion.
  • A spoon of white vinegar.
  • A spoon of ketchup.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • A sesame seeded bun.
  • A plain bun.
  • 2 beef patties.
  • 2 spoons of big mac sauce.
  • 2 spoons of reconstituted onions.
  • An American cheese.
  • 2 hamburger slices.
  • ¼ cup of lettuce.


  • Remove the crown half of the regular bun and retain the heel.
  • Both the sides of the heel should be toasted. The sesame bun should also be toasted.
  • Cook the beef patties.
  • When the buns are toasted, pour one spoon of sauce on each heel.
  • 1/8 cup of lettuce should be added to each bun.
  • On the bottom bun, one slice of American cheese should be placed on top of the lettuce.
  • Two pickle slices should be placed on the lettuce on the extra heel and middle bun.
  • When the meat patties are prepared, place them on top of the prepared bun.
  • The middle bun should be placed on the bottom bun and the crown should be placed on top.

Recipes For Pork Loin


Stuffed pork loin

Ingredients needed

  • Two pieces of pork loin.
  • A cup of basil leaves.
  • Red bell peppers.
  • A cup of cheddar cheese.
  • Two spoons of rosemary.
  • Flour.
  • Two spoons of oil.
  • A pinch of salt and pepper.
  • A half cup of balsamic vinegar.
  • A half spoon of sugar.


  • The park loin should be flattened.
  • Season the park loin with pepper, salt and rosemary.
  • Add basil leaves and cheese. Keep the pork aside.
  • The bell peppers should be roasted till the skin is burnt.
  • Cover the bell peppers with plastic and allow the steam to be inside.
  • Remove the bell pepper’s skin after five minutes. The seeds should be removed and cut into julienne.
  • The bell peppers should be added into the pork and rolled. It should be secured with toothpicks.
  • The pork should be coated with flour.
  • Oil should be poured on the skillet. The pork should be seared on both the sides for five minutes.
  • Cook for fifteen minutes on each side of the pork. The heat should be lowered.
  • After cooking the pork, keep it aside for ten minutes.
  • For making the sauce, boil the balsamic sugar on the saucepan along with the sugar. This should be done for twenty minutes.
  • Pour the sauce over the pieces of the pork loin.

Chocolate Chip Recipes

Chocolate chip short breads

Chocolate chip short breads

 Ingredients needed

  • A cup of all-purpose flour.
  • 2 spoons of all-purpose flour.
  • One stick of unsalted butter.
  • 1/3 cup of semisweet chocolate mini chip.


  • Heat the oven to three hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit. The baking sheet should be ready.
  • Mix one cup of ¼ cup of granulated sugar and flour.
  • Cut the butter with a pastry blender. The mixture will resemble a coarse crumb.
  • Add in mini chips and stir.
  • Press the crumbs together to form the dough.
  • Place it on the baking sheet. Make it into an 8 inch disk.
  • Make 16 wedges on the dough. Cut halfway through the dough.  Prick the wedges with a fork.
  • Bake for twenty five minutes till the bread looks dry and golden.
  • Cut through the score lines. Cool for five minutes on the baking sheet and place it on the wire rack so that it cools completely.

Chocolate chunk cookies

Chocolate chunk cookiesIngredients needed

  • Two sticks of softened butter.
  • One and a half cup of brown sugar.
  • Two spoons of vanilla extract.
  • One spoon of baking soda.
  • ¼ teaspoon of salt.
  • 3 eggs.
  • All-purpose flour.
  • Dark chocolate chips.
  • A cup of chopped walnuts.


  • Heat the oven to four hundred degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Sugar, butter, vanilla, salt and baking soda should be beaten with a mixer on the medium till it becomes creamy.
  • Add eggs to the mixture and beat them.
  • Add flour to the mixture and beat it. Add chocolate and nuts.
  • Add two spoons of the mixture on the baking sheet. Bake for eight minutes till it is golden.
  • When it is cool, place the cookies on the rack to cool further.
  • Store in an airtight container up to one week.
  • Freeze the dropped dough on the baking sheet.
  • Bake it for two minutes.

Authentic Salsa Recipe

Authentic Salsa RecipeIngredients needed

  • 28 ozs tomatoes.
  • One onion.
  • 2 tomatoes.
  • One tablespoon of ground cumin.
  • ¼ teaspoon of pepper.
  • A pinch of salt.


  • Place the ingredients in the blender.
  • Blend the ingredients.
  • The leftovers should be refrigerated.

Other variations

Mexican salsa

Mexican salsaIngredients needed

  • 10 jalapeno chiles.
  • 10 guerochiles.
  • 5 Anheimchiles.
  • 10 medium sized tomatoes.
  • 2 onions.
  • 4 garlic cloves.
  • One bunch cilantro.
  • A half teaspoon of beef bouillon powder.
  • One spoon of juice.


  • The chiles and tomatoes should be washed. The stems should be removed.
  • Place the chiles and tomatoes in the oven. They must be in one inch of water.
  • Boil the water and allow it to simmer for three minutes.
  • Remove the oven from the stove and allow it to cool for a few minutes.
  • Drain half of the water.
  • Put the chiles and tomatoes in a bowl.
  • The garlic and onions should be diced in a food processor.
  • Wash the cilantro. Cut off the longest portion of the stem.
  • The remaining part of the plant should be diced in a food processor.
  • Add the ingredients to the salsa. Lemon juice and bouillon should be added.
  • Stir the mixture well.
  • Add into the quartz size jars and keep them in the fridge.
  • It is best to refrigerate the ingredients for twelve hours.

Southwestern Mexican salsa

Southwestern Mexican salsaIngredients needed

  • Six onions.
  • A ripe avocado.
  • 2 medium tomatoes.
  • One spoon of lemon juice.
  • A small can of green chiles.
  • One spoon of garlic salt.
  • One spoon of fresh cilantro which is chopped.


  • Combine all the ingredients. Leave it for one hour to combine.
  • Serve it as a sauce for tacos. It can also be used for corn chips.

Avocado salsa

Avocado salsa Ingredients needed

  • One package of corn kernels which are frozen.
  • 2 cans of sliced olives which are ripe.
  • One red bell pepper.
  • 5 cloves of garlic.
  • 1/3 cup of olive oil.
  • ¼ cup of lemon juice.
  • 3 spoons of cider vinegar.
  • One spoon of dried oregano.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • A pinch of black pepper.
  • 4 avocados.


  • Take a bowl and add olives, corn, onion and red bell pepper.
  • Pour the ingredients into the corn mixture and make sure that it coats.
  • Cover and keep it in the refrigerator for 8 hours.
  • Add avocadosto the mixture and serve.


How to serve authentic salsa: Cilantro is added.

How to store authentic salsa: Authentic salsa can be stored in the refrigerator.


Artichoke recipes

Artichoke recipesIngredients needed

  • 2 artichokes.
  • 2 spoons of butter.
  • 2 garlic cloves.
  • A pinch of pepper and salt.


  • Pour water into the pan. Boil it.
  • When the water is heating, throw away the stems and outer leaves of artichokes.
  • When the water is boiling, place the steamer. Place the artichokes in the steamer.
  • Cover the pot with a lid and let the artichokes steam for twenty minutes.

Lemon chicken with artichokes

  Lemon chicken with artichokes Ingredients needed

  • One spoon of unsalted butter.
  • All-purpose flour.
  • One spoon of salt.
  • Chicken breast halves.
  • 2 juiced lemons.
  • One cup of chicken broth.
  • Two spoons of Worcestershire sauce.
  • ¼ cup of vermouth.
  •  A half teaspoon of minced garlic.
  • One bay leaf.
  • One spoon of basil.
  • A can of artichoke hearts.
  • One spoon of cornstarch.
  • ¼ cup of water.


  • Take a skillet and add butter. Melt it.
  • Add flour and salt on the plate.
  • Press the chicken breasts on the flour so that it gets coated.
  • Discard the excess flour.
  • The chicken should be placed in the skillet and cooked till it is brown on each side.
  • Add chicken broth, lemon juice, vermouth, garlic, basil and bay leaf.
  • Boil it and cover it. Allow it to simmer for fifteen minutes.
  • Add artichokes and stir it.
  • Simmer till the pink color in the center of the chicken vanishes.
  • Mix cornstarch and water in a bowl. Stir the mixture in the chicken cook it till it is thickened.

         Islander Artichoke and spinach Dip

        Islander Artichoke and spinach Dip Ingredients needed

  • 2 loaves of sweet bread.
  • A cup of mayonnaise.
  • A cup of sour cream.
  • A package of ranch style dips mix.
  • A can of artichokes which are dropped and chopped.
  • A package of frozen chopped spinach.
  • A can of water chestnuts which are drained.
  • A cup of parmesan cheese.


  • Preheat the oven to three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Hollow the loaf and leave one inch on the top and bottom. The cubes should be removed from the bread and the other loaf.
  • The bowls and cubes should be placed on the baking sheets and baked for ten minutes. It turns golden brown.
  • Blend the sour cream and mayo. Mix them in a bowl.
  • Add hearts, spinach, artichokes and water chestnuts. Mix them.
  • Keep the mixture in the fridge till it is chilled.
  • Transfer the ingredients to a bread bowl and serve with bread cubes.
  • For serving a hot dish, stir in one cup of Parmesan cheese. Microwave for five minutes until it is hot.
  • Transfer it to a bread bowl and serve with toasted bread cubes.